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Ordinary Membership

The Membership of the CAMCO is open to individuals and all four tiers of the cooperative sector i.e. National, State, District and Primary level Cooperatives besides Govt. of India, NCDC and State Governments. The societies interested to obtain membership of CAMCO are required pay Share contribution according to bye laws depending upon their level/starting others are to contribute, as decided by the General Body. The application form is appended.

Nominal Membership

Nominal Membership of CAMCO is open to all cooperative societies and individual's firms on payment of non-refundable membership fee of Rs. 1,000/- and Application fee of Rs. 100/-. However, such members shall not subscribe to its share or have any interest in the management thereof including right to vote elect as Director(s)/office bearers of the Board of Directors to participate in the General Body or any committee meetings or in sharing of its profit, purchase rebate or liabilities. Such nominal members would be entitled to do business with the organization on mutual agreed terms & conditions.

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